Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fender Blacktops

For years, Fender Guitars have stayed in the confines of single coil pickup models. I have fallen in love with the fender sound, they have some of the most unique tones to ever be crafted. The single coil pickups have made people into guitar gods, but most guitarist prefer the humbucker sound that is larger than life. Today, Fender released the new "Blacktop" models for those who want more divercity out of their sound. They have modified all of the popular fender models to suite those who prefer
humbuckers. Here is an overview of the new guitars.

Fender Blacktop Stratocaster HH

This Stratocaster is availible in an all new color, Sonic Blue
Fender is tied up in the Stratocaster. Over the years, they have captured the hearts of many guitarists. With the new bold move of adding two humbuckers to the classic Stratocaster, they are making a bold move. By adding Hot Vintage Alnico Humbucking Pickups to their lineup, they add a whole new spectrum of players to Fender. Not only does the addition of the new humbuckers add a whole new chapter to guitars, but they also have a custom pickup selection. It has a 5-position blade: position 1: full bridge pickup, position 2: two inside single coils, position 3: both full humbucking pickups, Position 4: outer neck single coil, position 5: full neck pickup. I find this configuration quite genious, but that's just me. Other features include chrome and nickel hardware and many custom colors.

Blacktop Telecaster HH

The new Telecaster has custom tone knobs
I, myself, have a very nice standard Telecaster and to find out about the new Blacktop Telecaster is very exciting. Fender added many of the features from the modern Telecaster and the new model Blacktop to create this mystical guitar. The Telecaster has always been known to hold a place in hard rock, but this takes it to a whole new level. With the combination of the Telecaster body and the humbucker tone really makes for a special guitar. The Blacktop Telecaster and the Blacktop Stratocaster both have the same Hot Vintage Alnico Humbucking Pickups.

Blacktop Jaguar HH

The new Jaguar adds a simpler design for the larger tone
The Jaguar has always been one of my favorite guitars. These things are unique in every way. With the addition of two Hot Vintage Alnico Humbucking Pickups, this thing adds a whole new spectrum to the guitar world. This new Jaguar is very similar to the original Special Edition Jaguar HH, but adds a whole new spectrum of simplicity to an otherwise very complicated guitar. The two guitars also have different pickups. The new jaguars have incredible tone which many Jaguar fans will enjoy.

Blacktop Jazzmaster HS

The Jazzmaster underwent the biggest change
The new Blacktop Jazzmaster adds some unique features while still maintaining the classic Jazzmaster tone. After all, it wouldn't be a Jazzmaster without the deep tone. To maintain this deep tone, Fender has implimented the Duncan Designed™ Single-Coil Jazzmaster® Pickup in the neck postion. In order to add a new dimension to the Jazzmaster, Fender has added a humbucker in the bridge position, specifically, a Duncan Designed™ Humbucking Pickup. With this new design, this is sure to send sales sky rocketing for the Jazzmaster.

All of these new models are availible for the price of $699.99. For this guitar, you get more bang for the buck. All of these models are availible for comparison here.

Happy playing!

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